Our Home Pics & Videos

07/08/13 - This & That
The correct garage door - YAY!!!!

Owner's Suite - carpet looks good!
Kid's Bathroom - will be changing out the vinyl ASAP (me no likey)
GRANITE - BEAUTIFUL!!! (and the dishwasher is pretty fly too)
07/05/13 - Painted Door
07/03/13 - Odds & Ends 
Bannister has been stained
Granite is FINALLY in
So glad we sprung for the under cabinet lighting
Shower frame is in (notice they ran the tile all the way up past the shower head!)
Shower and bath - love it
07/02/13 - Carpet & Electricity
07/01/13 - Concrete and Laminate Flooring
Someone had a huge mishap and dropped our granite slabs during delivery so here are the new slabs we picked out on 06/27
(close up, left slab, right slab - gorgeous!)

06/27/13 - Bathroom tile, floors, and vanity
(So glad they ran tile all the way up the shower wall! The tile stops right below the shower spout in the models and we were told that's how ours would look.)

06/23/10 - Columns...outside is almost done!
(wrong garage door though)
(inside trim/doors are done as well)

06/20/13 - Stone, Garage Door, and inside 'guts'
06/17/13 - Shake and trim
06/15/13 - Siding, Drywall, & picked out granite (Santa Cecilia)

 06/12/13 - Insulation
06/11/13 - Wiring Videos
A friend of ours is an electrician and he recommended taking a video of all the electrical wiring in the house so you know where everything is after the walls go up. We did one video downstairs and one video upstairs. The downstairs video won't load for some reason so here's the upstairs video.
 06/06/13 - HVAC and Electrical (and the water heater from 06/04)
 06/04/13 - Roof and Plumbing (and a door!)
06/03/13 - Roof 
06/02/13 - Caswell's Room  :)
06/01/13 - Second Floor

05/29-31/13 - First Floor & House Wrap
05/24 & 25/13 - First Floor (WOOD - YAY AGAIN!)
05/22/13 - Concrete (Double YAY!)
05/18/13 - Waterproofing
05/15/13 - Building Permit (YAY!)
05/04/13 - Plumbing
04/27/13 - Just dirt & gravel

**SOLD - 02/24/13**
Our lovely lot - can't wait to see a house on it!

Rosemont Neighborhood Pics
Love the community entrance!
 Love the Clubhouse, Basketball/Tennis Courts, & Pool!
Love the 'Rose' mailboxes!


  1. Question for you since we aren't building on Taney way. What do they say will happen in the backayrds where you are? Do they plan on leveling, leaving a buffer of woods? We aren't building on that street so I never saw a reason to ask but was curious since I saw the plans for the new part of the neighborhood.

  2. It's future development...they are going to take it down several feet and build back there at some point. The street behind us is going to be a cul-de-sac so the house behind us will be at an angle versus back-to-back with us. Granted, they will be elevated so they will still be able to see in our yard once we build the fence but at least they won't be sitting directly behind us.

  3. It looks AWESOME! Love the shower tile all the way up! Kitchen looks good. Can't wait for you guys to move in.


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