Links & Kudos

We have found some great blogs and pieces of info along the way that really helped us!  Check back here as we add some links to info and other blogs you might find helpful.
  • Want a list of Ryan Homes blogs?

    I can't remember which blog we looked at to get this spreadsheet but it lists a ton of Ryan homes blogs along with people's selections so you can easily see which blogs may contain info for the model and/or options you are considering.  AWESOME!!!  Whoever created this (my apologies for not being able to give you credit directly) is FABULOUS!!!  I think we looked at every blog on the list.  :)
  • Local Contacts

    Barbara provided us with a list of contacts for various people in the area - insurance agents, inspectors, electricians, lawn care, pest control, etc.  I have uploaded the list HERE if you'd like to take a look!

    DISCLAIMER - I am simply posting the list our realtor gave us.  I have not worked with any of theses people and cannot vouch for their work so hire someone from this list at your own discretion.  I am not affiliated with any of these people in any way and I am not profiting from anyone who uses their services.  :)

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