Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Not only do we have our laminate floors AND carpet completely installed, we also have electricity! It's nice to turn on the lights and see how everything looks. The floors are covered so I can't really get any good pics of them but here's a pic of the carpet on the stairs that I snapped at lunch today. 
Similar to our vinyl, it's darker than I was hoping but it still looks (and feels) nice. We'll definitely never see any spills or marks! I also expected our upgraded carpet pad to be a little more 'springy'...it doesn't seem especially spectacular considering how much it cost. I took a piece of it and I am going to run by Rite Rug to confirm it's the right stuff. I'm sure it is but mistakes happen and it doesn't hurt to just check, right?  :)
22 days and counting!!


  1. If you doubt anything at all, I'd double check! Things absolutely DO happen!! Wow...22 days? That's awesome!

  2. Did you upgrade to the 8lb padding? When we walked on ours we thought the same thing and our pm pulled up a piece of carpet so we could check. For all that extra money I thought it would feel like walking on a cloud!

  3. I second THAT, we upgraded and what a waste of money to go to the 8lb pad, its one of the sore spots in my home for me, our standard carpet is like STRAW and the pad didnt help any either.
    It's too bad their "standard" is so LOW GRADE. I would have paid extra for sure had we realized :)


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