Tuesday, July 2, 2013

They don't waste any time

I went by the house after work yesterday to see if they were able to get the concrete in. We've had quite a bit of rain lately and Kevin, our PM, said they couldn't do the carpet until the concrete was done so I was getting a little anxious.

Not only is our concrete poured but the guys were 1/2-way done with the downstairs flooring. As quick as they were working, I feel certain it was completely done before they left for the day. These guys don't waste any time! I was thinking about going by at lunch today to see if they had started on the carpet but a monsoon is supposed to come through this morning and early afternoon and I'm not trying to traipse through the soggy dirt in my work clothes.

Here are a few pics from yesterday. The house was full of people working so I quickly took a few shots and got out of their way. We were SO planning to etch something in the concrete (like 'The Radkes 2013') but the guys were standing over it (as you can see in the 1 picture) so I was too scared to try it. I was also going to ask the flooring guy if he could go ahead and extend the flooring into the downstairs closet but I chickened out. Besides, I wouldn't want anyone to get into trouble. I should have called Kevin though and asked him if we could keep any leftover flooring so we could have someone come in after the fact and do it. I have no clue why Ryan Homes puts carpet in the closet when you have flooring everywhere else but they do. I should have just sucked it up and paid the extra $200 to have them do it but whatever...not going to stress about it now.

On another note - we're still trying to decide on a company to do the fence. Prices range from $3100-5200 which is a bit more than I expected. I talked with one of our next door neighbors yesterday and he is wanting to put up a fence as well so hopefully we can go in on it together and save a little bit.  :)


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    1. Yikes on the fence cost!!!!

    2. One more comment. You can see the front of my house from your backyard, lol

  2. I like the idea of putting your name in the concrete. I had thought about doing it but I am also too chicken, but I still have a month to decide.

  3. We also wanted to put the kids handprints in the concrete but we missed out because we weren't told that the concrete was going in.
    Also we had to go private if you would like to follow us still please email me @ KKjongo@gmail.com so I can add you back in. Sorry about all the trouble.


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