Friday, July 5, 2013

Odds & Ends

It looks like house is almost complete! We had a few things completed yesterday and today (check out Our Home Pics for pictures!)...
  • Granite counter tops
  • Owner's suite shower frame
  • Rough-ins for pendant lights over the gourmet island
  • Stained bannister
  • Wire shelving
  • Front door got its 1st coat of paint (we forgot to take a picture but we'll get one tomorrow)
  • Space between front porch windows
There are only a few odds and ends (most minor) that still need to be done...
  • Correct garage door - it was supposed to be replaced today
  • Move the staircase light to the Morning Room (the wimpy light was installed in the wrong was supposed to be in the Morning Room which makes much more sense)
  • Put up a new light in the staircase (hopefully it is the same one in the Rosemont model)
  • Replace the light above the front door entrance so it matches the other ceiling lights
  • Fix holes in the ceiling they cut out while putting up the pendant light rough ins
  • Replace the mirror in the downstairs 1/2 bath
  • Finish the shoe molding in the study
  • Install stove, dishwasher, & fridge
  • Blinds
  • Cut down the pipe in the middle of the driveway
  • Landscaping
On another note, my shopping has come to a halt (as I cry softly to myself). Closing is in 19 days and we have quite a bit of $$$ we need to bring to the table. I love all the new things but that would suck if we couldn't close because we didn't have enough money in the bank!

We hope everyone is having a safe holiday weekend! We can't wait until next July 4th when we can celebrate in our new home!!!


  1. looks great! I said the same thing, I can't wait for next year's 4th when we are in our home. And even more so since this year all it did was rain the whole day.

  2. You can shop after you move in! Believe me...plenty more to do and buy once you get in the house. ALWAYS spending money. I have to realize that it's only SO MUCH I can do!!

  3. I have to say love the patio they poured for you.. You have no idea how important it will be to have an outside space right away. They dont do that in PA. No outdoor spaces for us.

    Things are looking so good.

  4. "On another note, my shopping has come to a halt (as I cry softly to myself). "



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