Friday, May 10, 2013

Back to the waiting game

I got a call from our PM yesterday and guess what?  We still don't have a building permit.  **SIGH**  Oh well, there's nothing we can do about it so we're back to waiting for something to happen.  There's always Monday, right?

On a positive note, I drove through the neighborhood this evening and my down-the-street neighbor who has the same color siding as us (Spanish Olive) has her siding so I got to see what ours is going to look like.  It's not as green as I expected but it's been so long since I saw the siding sample...  :)  
I was expecting a darker green, like this:
I forgot to mention the other day they have switched out the lighting package.  I like the new light in the dining room but I would have preferred they kept the previous entryway light.  We'll probably switch that one out at some point.

Old/New Dining Room Light
 Old/New Entry Way Light

Monday, May 6, 2013

Catching Up

WHOA - where has the time gone?!?!  My apologies for being MIA!  So let's see...what's been going on...
  1. We had our pre-construction meeting a week ago today.  Our PMs are nice guys but they both seemed exhausted at our meeting.  I think they have been pretty busy the last few weeks with all the houses that are going up in our neighborhood and you could tell - poor guy was on auto-pilot as he went through each part of our checklist. 

    On a funny note - after he went through his list I went through mine and for some of the items on my list he was like, "did you get that off a blog?"  and we all laughed.  YEP, sure did!  LOL  LOVE my fellow bloggers because they have some great ideas!  He was very nice about it but I'm sure he was like - OH NO, not another one!  heehee  :)  There were a couple things I decided weren't worth the money (like running a gas line to the back yard for the grill) but everything we really wanted we got.  It was an A++++ meeting and our PMs couldn't have been nicer!

  2. We have plumbing!  (and lots of gravel)
  3. We should have our building permit tomorrow or Wednesday.  The weather is looking better for a few days but then the rain is coming in again so we're keeping our fingers crossed that when they get the permit they can go ahead and get started with our slab.  Plumbing's nice but I'm ready for the next phase!
  4. They sold the house next to us (the one that is already built and move-in ready) - hope the new neighbors are cooooooool!
  5. I went to the ladies' wine charity event last Friday at Rosemont.  I met so many wonderful ladies - a few of them are from our street!  Saturday we went to the pancake charity breakfast.  We met more of our Rosemont neighbors and everyone was SO nice and welcoming...makes us want to move like TODAY.  We got to meet our future across-the-street-neighbors, Amanda & Kirk, too - so nice!
  6. I've joined the Rosemont social committee!  Those of you who know me are probably thinking...that's a shocker.  (wink wink)
That's all for now folks.  Stay tuned...hope to have some concrete pics this weekend!