Sunday, April 28, 2013

Someone's been holding out on us

Oh Ryyyyyaaaaaaannnnnnnnn - you've been holding out on us because guess what ya'll...
We drove by our lot last night to show my mother-in-law how much progress had been made on our street since the last time she was here and we get to our lot and we have footers!  We walked through each 'room' giggling like little school kids.  Who knew a little bit of wood could be so exciting!  I just wish I had known sooner because I would have drove by earlier that day and got a better picture when it was sunny.

On a sad note, they've cut down all the trees behind our lot.  :(  Oh well, we knew it would happen eventually...we just thought we'd get to enjoy the tree line a little bit longer.

Stay tuned...pre-construction meeting happens TOMORROW!!!

Monday, April 22, 2013



We have a pre-construction meeting date - Monday, 04/29/13 @ 3:00pm!

They start on our house next week!


Doing the dance of joy!!!


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Hurry up and.........WAIT

Sorry I've been so quiet lately but there is absolutely nothing going on with our house right now...AAARRRGGGHHHHHHH!

When we first started it was hurry up and pick a lot...hurry up and sign the paper work...hurry up and get all this documentation together...hurry up and decide how you want everything to hurry up and...


You're all excited that everything is moving along and you're really into the whole experience and BOOM - nothing.

On a positive note, our community has been selling like hot cakes.  The downside is there are quite a few houses in front of us that need to get rolling before they have time to start on ours so now we're just sitting around waiting for something to happen.  Waiting sucks...seriously.

They are supposed to start the end of April so Ryan said we'll get a pre-construction meeting date soon but until then we'll just keep going by our lot and walking around on our dirt.  Here's a pic of the kids this past weekend.

Thursday, April 4, 2013


Man, I've only had this blog for a few weeks and I am already slacking off - my apologies!  Here's what's been going on the last week:
  • Received our 'conditional' approval letter from NVR
    So at first we were like - YAY! - then we were like - SAY WHAT?  A few of the items we have to resolve before we close gave me a minor heart attack.  I sent a bunch of questions over to our NVR mortgage person, Terri, and she quickly cleared up some of the asks but seriously...they should really give you all those stipulations before they say you are approved.  Fortunately we won't have an issue with the items we need to resolve but it would be very disappointing to go through this whole process of picking out a house and options only to realize there is no way you can meet the closing requirements. 

  • We weren't able to move up our closing date
    They aren't scheduled to start building until April 30th which means we'll close around July 30th.  We were hoping to get the date moved up but that didn't happen so while we are a little disappointed, we are happy we'll still be in before school starts.  It's just going to SUCK waiting 30 more days to see anything happening on our lot!
  • We have samples!
    We LOVE Debra from Rite Rug!  I sent her a note and asked if we could get samples of our flooring selections.  Within a week we've received them all delivered directly to our front door.  I won't be able to see the real deal for 4 months but at least I can dream about it with my samples.  I'm going to take the samples to Ashley Furniture this weekend and make sure the new furniture matches.
  • The purging continues
    We have added a few things to Craigslist that we know we aren't going to take to the new house.  I'm not sure why we bothered though...I think we are just going to put it on Freecycle and be done with it so we don't have to wait for someone to decide they want to buy our old stuff.  On a positive note, we found a bed for our daughter.  She's been in a twin bed for far too long and she really wanted zebra-print bedding so here's her new room (bed courtesy of Craigslist ironically).  We can't wait to see how it's going to look in the new house!