Saturday, March 30, 2013

Meeting Neighbors and Plan vs. Reverse Plan

Today was Rosemont's Easter egg hunt and chili cook off.  
We were on the fence about going since we don't actually live there yet but we bit the bullet and went.  We are so glad we did!  We met so many nice makes me even more excited about moving into our new home!  We are so happy that it is such an active community.  By the way - PINKRAGE's hubby had the best chili...I don't care what the final vote said.  :)

After the shindig we rode out to Millbridge to look at their Rome model again.  This one is 'per-plan' like the one we are building.  The Rome model in Rosemont is 'reverse-plan' so I wanted to look at the per-plan version one more time.  It's really odd going through the per-plan model.  We have been in the Rosemont Rome so many times, it's hard to wrap my mind around the per-plan layout.  I don't like it as much as the reverse-plan.  Is that weird?  It's the same house - just the sides are switched.  Oh well, guess I better start liking it because that's what our house is going to look like!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Time to purge

I finally made everyone get off the couch and start our 'purge' this afternoon.  We rent our current place and once we give our 90-day notice, the owner is going to put in on the market so we need to get it 'showable' ASAP.  I just can't figure out where all this crap came from!  Thankfully we have many more purge weekends ahead of us because this junk has got to go.  There is no way we're taking all of this stuff to our new house.

Next week we are going to tackle the storage unit.  We've had it 6 years and have never been there to take anything out.  That tells me that whatever is in there needs to go...if we haven't needed it in 6 years, we don't need it now.  It will be nice to have the extra $52 a month once we get rid of that thing.

(And yes, I have done the math...$52/month for 6 years for a bunch of stuff we obviously don't need...IDIOTIC!)

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Ashley Furniture has layaway? Who knew?!?!

We've checked out quite a few furniture places the last few weeks to get ideas for furniture and decorating.  We've got a lot of rooms to fill in our new house (because who wants to take old furniture to a new house)!  On a whim we decided to go to Ashley tonight and hit a grand slam...not only did we find a dining room set we like (we wanted something that had a bench) but we also found a sectional and ottoman for the loft...SCORE!

I asked our sales guy to give us all the info so when we close we could come back and buy it all and guess what he says?  "We have layaway so you can get in now then once you close, come back and finance the balance."  SAY WHAT?  I was like, "you have layaway?"  So our whim ended up costing a small fortune but we have 2 rooms furnished so it's all good.

The layaway catch -- you have to put 15% down and pay 15% every 30 days (due by the 7th) but whatever.  By the time we close, it will almost all be paid off.  And the sales guy was great - he said hello, handed us a flier, checked in on us every little bit, gave us a few prices for some things we asked about, and LEFT US ALONE...SCORE AGAIN!  If you're looking to buy some furniture from a pretty cool guy, ask for Carlos Reid at the Ashley Furniture by Carolina Place Mall - 11320 Carolina Place Pkwy, Pineville, NC  28134.  FYI - he's off Thursdays and Fridays.

Here's our selections:

Dining Room Table - Alonzo
Loft Sectional - Jessa Place (sectional - Dune, ottoman - Chocolate)
Interestingly enough, this set looks similar to our current sectional that we bought from Haverty's a few years ago (will be going in the Family Room).  We LOVE LOVE LOVE that sectional so if you have some $$$ to spend, check it out at the link below.  Ours is camel colored and we have the chaise on the right side if you're looking at it.  We paid extra for the sleeper in the loveseat piece but it's so comfortable, people prefer to just sleep on the couch instead!

Amalfi Sectional

Friday, March 22, 2013

Final signatures are in

Stopped by to see our AWESOME SR, Ryan Passante, to sign the final change order.  He's a pretty cool guy and seems to have our best interest at heart...and he has a Lab so OF COURSE I think he is the best SR ever!!!  How could a guy with a Lab NOT be super-cool?  He also doesn't mind that we are out there every other day asking him questions and wanting to look at the model JUST ONE MORE TIME!  We're waiting for him to get a restraining order against us.
Now we wait to see what the closing date is going to be (and anyone who knows me KNOWS I hate waiting - ugh).  I guess I shouldn't be too rushed since we have to give a 90-day notice where we are and we are no where near ready to start packing up all our junk.  It feels like we just UNpacked it - another ugh.  As long as we are in by the time school starts we'll be happy...which doesn't sound like it's going to be an issue (hopefully I didn't just jinx us).

I went by our lot and they are breaking ground a few lots down.  I wanted to run down there and say "NOOOOOO - you're in the wrong place!!!  Come down to this lot right here!!!" but I showed restraint.  I don't want the worker-bees to take out a restraining order against us too.  I can't believe how many houses they have going up just within the last few weeks.  We're praying for cool neighbors.  I think I am just going to start knocking on doors and introduce myself.  Would that be weird?  :)

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Rite Rug - CHECK!

So all the decisions have been get to building our house Ryan!  I know I will obsess about our choices for the next 5 months.  *sigh*  Check out the 'Our Options' page for choices, prices, and pictures.

A big thanks to Debra Henry for making our appointment a ton of fun!  She really knows her stuff and isn't afraid to tell you what you think you want is going to suck.  LOL  When she tells you that you will/won't change your mind once you see it all-together...TRUST HER.  She was dead-on for every choice we made.  Debra - you ROCK!  Thanks for helping us build our dream home.  Look for an invite to our house-warming party.  You can bring the wine. :)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Is this really happening?

So I totally forgot to mention last night we got an email from the loan person and after only a few days, we are approved for our loan!  Honestly I am shocked...we read so many blogs where the initial approval took WEEKS we just can't believe ours came back so fast.  YAY FOR US!!!  :)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Blog? Say what?

I swore when we started looking at our home I was NOT going to do a blog so I have no clue how this blog got started.  We didn't have much luck finding pictures/blogs with options that matched ours so I thought, 'what the heck'...I can at least post some pics so people can see some different options.  You never know...maybe we'll even run into some neighbors while we're here!

To all the Ryan home bloggers - THANK YOU!  Your posts gave us a lot to think about when we started to consider building so we SO appreciate all your efforts!!!  You guys are DA BOMB!!! (and very thorough/detail-oriented to boot)

Please be patient.  I can't promise I will have the most timely of updates but I will get it all on here eventually. 

And Ryan (you know who you are), don't rants...just the info/facts/pictures.  I promise to take up any issues with you directly ASAP.  :)

Look out Rosemont - the Radkes are coming!