Monday, July 15, 2013


I'm too tired to post anything tonight so I'm just going to add a picture of the kitchen we took today - all the appliances are in! We can't wait until they uncover the floor so we can see what it all really looks like together!!!

Monday, July 8, 2013

And the garage door makes everything whole

Here it is folks - the correct garage door! Can I just say 'we're in love'? Unfortunately we couldn't get the door to stay down so we could take a picture of the entire front of the house but you get the idea. We even have an official address now...they added it to our garage on the right side. Now all we need is our rose Rosemont mailbox!
The downstairs toilet is in, the carpet's been cleaned (we have the NO SHOES sign on the front door!), the granite is set, the dishwasher's in, the water is running...only 16 more days! We took a few other pics today so head over to the Our House Pics tab and check them out. Let me know what you think of the vinyl in the kid's bathroom...I'm not feeling it AT ALL. On a positive note, you'll never be able to tell it's dirty!

I forgot to mention we added 2 bar stools to our Ashley Furniture lay-a-way on Saturday. We wanted stools for the island so we were super-psyched they had counter-height stools that matched the dining room set we also have on lay-a-way at Ashley (and they didn't cost a fortune)!
I got a red-striped shower curtain and accessories for the kid's bathroom but I realized when I saw the vinyl, there is no way we can do a patterned shower curtain so I returned all of it. It would make it WAY too busy in there. We found one that we think will look decent with the vinyl. Of course when I got home and started looking for accessories to match I found out they are discontinued but I was able to find the matching rug on Overstock pretty cheap.
I also picked up a small rug last week. I would have loved to buy a bigger size but I had to have this and stop the spending at the same time. I think getting the smaller size was a good compromise. Wouldn't you agree?  :)
I really am trying hard to stop shopping. No really, I AM...SERIOUSLY! If I keep this up we won't have enough money to close in 16 DAYS and that would really suck.

While I do spend several hours each evening 'shopping' online and we do go to 'home' stores on the weekends, it's more window shopping than anything else. It's exciting to see all the neat things available and picturing how it will look in our new home! To be clear, we have only purchased the few things you see on my blog and all purchases were paired with discounts, coupons (hooray for Kohl's Cash and Bed,Bath & Beyond 10% off coupons!), and money from my wonderful mother-in-law. We even put the furniture on layaway so we wouldn't have to invest any money in it until after we closed. FYI - I don't really shop all day and I don't stay home in the evenings so I can shop was my attempt at humor people. To be clear, I would NEVER jeopardize the purchase of our home by shopping so much that we wouldn't have money for our closing so please take my posts about shopping with a grain of salt.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Crazy like a fox

A brown fox that is...our door has its first coat of paint!   
BEFORE - White
AFTER - Brown Fox
P.S. My car in the driveway looks pretty good too.  :) 

Now we just need the right garage door and get that pole out of the middle of the driveway. 

Friday, July 5, 2013

Odds & Ends

It looks like house is almost complete! We had a few things completed yesterday and today (check out Our Home Pics for pictures!)...
  • Granite counter tops
  • Owner's suite shower frame
  • Rough-ins for pendant lights over the gourmet island
  • Stained bannister
  • Wire shelving
  • Front door got its 1st coat of paint (we forgot to take a picture but we'll get one tomorrow)
  • Space between front porch windows
There are only a few odds and ends (most minor) that still need to be done...
  • Correct garage door - it was supposed to be replaced today
  • Move the staircase light to the Morning Room (the wimpy light was installed in the wrong was supposed to be in the Morning Room which makes much more sense)
  • Put up a new light in the staircase (hopefully it is the same one in the Rosemont model)
  • Replace the light above the front door entrance so it matches the other ceiling lights
  • Fix holes in the ceiling they cut out while putting up the pendant light rough ins
  • Replace the mirror in the downstairs 1/2 bath
  • Finish the shoe molding in the study
  • Install stove, dishwasher, & fridge
  • Blinds
  • Cut down the pipe in the middle of the driveway
  • Landscaping
On another note, my shopping has come to a halt (as I cry softly to myself). Closing is in 19 days and we have quite a bit of $$$ we need to bring to the table. I love all the new things but that would suck if we couldn't close because we didn't have enough money in the bank!

We hope everyone is having a safe holiday weekend! We can't wait until next July 4th when we can celebrate in our new home!!!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Not only do we have our laminate floors AND carpet completely installed, we also have electricity! It's nice to turn on the lights and see how everything looks. The floors are covered so I can't really get any good pics of them but here's a pic of the carpet on the stairs that I snapped at lunch today. 
Similar to our vinyl, it's darker than I was hoping but it still looks (and feels) nice. We'll definitely never see any spills or marks! I also expected our upgraded carpet pad to be a little more 'springy' doesn't seem especially spectacular considering how much it cost. I took a piece of it and I am going to run by Rite Rug to confirm it's the right stuff. I'm sure it is but mistakes happen and it doesn't hurt to just check, right?  :)
22 days and counting!!

They don't waste any time

I went by the house after work yesterday to see if they were able to get the concrete in. We've had quite a bit of rain lately and Kevin, our PM, said they couldn't do the carpet until the concrete was done so I was getting a little anxious.

Not only is our concrete poured but the guys were 1/2-way done with the downstairs flooring. As quick as they were working, I feel certain it was completely done before they left for the day. These guys don't waste any time! I was thinking about going by at lunch today to see if they had started on the carpet but a monsoon is supposed to come through this morning and early afternoon and I'm not trying to traipse through the soggy dirt in my work clothes.

Here are a few pics from yesterday. The house was full of people working so I quickly took a few shots and got out of their way. We were SO planning to etch something in the concrete (like 'The Radkes 2013') but the guys were standing over it (as you can see in the 1 picture) so I was too scared to try it. I was also going to ask the flooring guy if he could go ahead and extend the flooring into the downstairs closet but I chickened out. Besides, I wouldn't want anyone to get into trouble. I should have called Kevin though and asked him if we could keep any leftover flooring so we could have someone come in after the fact and do it. I have no clue why Ryan Homes puts carpet in the closet when you have flooring everywhere else but they do. I should have just sucked it up and paid the extra $200 to have them do it but whatever...not going to stress about it now.

On another note - we're still trying to decide on a company to do the fence. Prices range from $3100-5200 which is a bit more than I expected. I talked with one of our next door neighbors yesterday and he is wanting to put up a fence as well so hopefully we can go in on it together and save a little bit.  :)

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Summer & Winter

Nothing really new to report today (other than they have framed out the sidewalk and driveway for our concrete) but I just had to post a picture of our shower faucet is the sun and cold is a snowflake...LOVE!!!!